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The Divebar Boombox go from their unique covers to their originals seamlessly and always ignite the crowd!!!
Jon Powell | Owner & Founder - Hop & Sting Brewing Co.

The Divebar Boombox was born of a simple idea; how do you bring a new life to the classic songs of era's past? When you factor in a love for the sounds of classic Americana and a desire to be the best bar band in the world, you begin to understand the heart of The Divebar Boombox.

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All Videos

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Consisting of six musicians, with instrumentation that includes the vocals, guitars, percussion and bass most people expect from a bar band. But the "secret sauce" comes in when classic sounds of Americana are introduced. At any given time The Divebar Boombox will stir in a fiddle, a banjo, a ukulele, a piano, a mandolin and more to complete their true sound.

The Divebar Boombox wears their oath, to make each performance a celebration of the music they love, as a badge of honor. They ask only one thing of their audiences in return; if you want to sing along, sing loud and if you want to dance, dance proud. Just know that if you decide to dance on the tables, they might just beat you to the punch.

05. Raspberry Beret
00:00 / 03:30
07. That's All
00:00 / 03:22
08. Dreams
00:00 / 04:16
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